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In the age in which business needs are becoming increasingly diverse and complex, where you have to recognize and quickly respond to new business opportunities faster than others to succeed, SOA is no longer a foreign word, and in the corporate environment, switches the business to a service based one which can flexibly change the business, and is a situated significant architecture that responds quickly.

GTPLUS as Oracle’s best partner in the SOA solution field, possess the best SOA related technology verified by several customers, accurately grasps the customer’s requirements, and to quickly respond to various business changes, the SOA complete step-by-step introduction of SOA methodology and SOA diagnostic model, componentization of business services, SOA framework application, SOA Governance methodology and service lifecycle is managed including overall SOA. It provides optimal consulting services so that the customers can be introduced more easily and flexibly.

[Scope of Support]

SOA methodology and SOA diagnostic consulting
SOA solution based implementation services
SOA Governance methodology consulting and implementation services.