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[Outline]The majority of domestic enterprises concerning Open Source S/W related technical assistance have stayed at a developer/ development company level and the Open Source S/W that exists outside the company are in a simple utilization/management state. Next, if you consider the point that the need to use Open Source S/W will increase, there is a need for technical support service of Open Source S/W to be provided by specialized companies rather than by the general company. The limitations of Open Source -Management process/ lack of organization The introduction of Open Source, and the management and organization of an application developed with the Open Source is not systematic so there is difficulty in business efficiency and coping with failures. Poor document Compared to the commercial program, Open Source has a disadvantage of not having systemic documentation -> delays in development and cause operational problems. Uncertain development roadmap Unlike commercial programs, open source does not have a clear roadmap so it is difficult to determine the future direction of IT-related businesses.

Process/Organizational support for overcoming-Support of professional technical support management organization: Regarding Future business plans/ progress scheduled, the organic cooperation between the two companies and professional staff are ensured/assigned to support successful business implementation Tested and verified document provided: By providing the held documents to clients through systematic testing and validation of Open Source, it reduces the separate test period and contributes to the operation and training development. Uncertain development roadmap: Identify the characteristics and changes in the product prior to presenting the future direction taken in accordance with customer environment and trends.

Apache HTTP ServerAs the representative S/W of Open Source the product that corresponds to the function of WebServer is a WebServer that is the most pervasive in the world.

Apache TomcatThrough Open Source S/W it is a representative product that that can do Web Application Server’s function. It is the product that is spread throughout the most in the world and most frequently utilized on the Web-based Java Application.

LinuxIt is Open Source’s representative SW, it receives funding from large IT companies such as IBM, HP, also in the server field, there are various distributions as an alternative to Unix and Microsoft Windows operating system. At the cost procedure level, the operating system is widely spread even being used in the corporate environment. GT Plus through Linux technical assistance provides open-source middle ware product support and synergy effect is exhibited.