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Product Overview

Scalability, flexibility, optimal future-oriented backup system that considers efficiency

NetBackup Appliance is a HW, SW all-in-one solution that provides backup, storage, and deduplication functions all efficiently.
NetBackup Appliance simply and economically provides backup and recovery functions in data center, remote office, and virtual environments and is at the forefront of the market exclusive to integrated backup appliance (PBBA).

Benefits and features

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Integrated Backup
  • Excellent ease of use

Improving operational efficiency

Because NetBackup Appliance provides all integrated SW and HW required for Backup management, operation, support is simplified and saving of cost and important IT resource is possible. The NetBackup appliance while providing much greater benefits than the traditional BYO (Build-Your-Own) media server presents a way to reduce costs and reduce complexity in the enterprise.

The NetBackup Appliance provides benefits that go beyond the existing BYO (Build-Your-Own) media server, as show below.

Rapid implementation and deployment

Mitigate risk by minimizing unplanned or unscheduled downtime.

Improve work efficiency and service level of the staff.

Improving operational efficiency

NetBackup 5230 Appliance can more easily backup and restore than the traditional BYO (Build-Your-Own) media serve and reduce the operating costs

Suitable for all sizes of environments

- It can expand up to 148TB of usable capacity so it is ideal for remote offices, branch offices, enterprise data centers.

Functional role

- It can build the Netbackup environment’s master server, media server or both servers.


- As an integrated all-in-one solution it simplifies the software, hardware, service, and support.

Intelligent end-to-end redundancy removal

- backup size can be reduced down to 1/50 and bandwidth usage is also decreased by up to 99%.

Flexible Deduplication options

- In source, media server, and target inline deduplication or post-deduplication can be performed.

Integration and Cost Reduction

The cost and complexity increases due to a number of different point products. Veritas NetBackup appliance can integrate this data protection product into one data protection platform.

By integrating multiple point products into a single appliance, the facility investment cost is reduced.

Reducing the number of point products that is a target of management, upgrades, and support, lowers operating costs.

Fully integrated and optimized for NetBackup appliances, it offers superior scalability and performance.

NetBackup 5300 Appliance Series, which provides superior performance, scalability, and resilience, can achieve data center’s most complicated backup and recovery objectives.

Capex reduction, fluctuating elements reduction

Simplify media management with integrated all-in-one NetBackup Appliance and increase business productivity while taking advantage of significant cost saving.

Backup Software

- Integrate backup software into a single platform

Disk storage

- Replace the virtual tape library, target deduplication storage, backup disk storage with a single appliance


- With the Veritas deduplication technology reduce storage costs.

Data Center Space

- Integrate all the backup media server, backup storage, data that has been rid of duplication and data that has not been rid of duplication into a single appliance.

Performance Requirements Solution

NetBackup 5300 Appliance Series as an integrated backup media servers with storage will address the more complicated performance, capacity and resilience requirements. By replacing the exiting point product, backup is simplified and integrated


- The usable capacity can be expanded up to 458TB making it suitable for large enterprises, data centers, and disaster recovery sites.

Powerful Performance

- Provides better performance than the NetBackup 5230. It offers up to 3 times faster backup, 5.8times faster recovery, and 4.9times faster replication rate.


- Excellent system protection, deduplication pool, and storage is provided.


- By offering more TB per rack unit, installation space requirements are reduced and power and cooling costs are also reduced.

Reduce costs with superior ease of use

According to the independent survey from the Enterprise Strategy Group, typically the IT team uses 64% of the budget for maintenance of existence infrastructure. On the other hand, the cost invested in the introduction of new technologies for competitive advantage and operational troubleshooting is only 36%.
As such it is not easy to perform a balanced strategic initiatives with limited manpower and financial resources. By using Netbackup and Netbackup Appliance, business hours can be ensured and equipment investment costs reduced which minimizes the risk to realize better efficiency. Invest in the future.

Powerful Control through Excellent Insight

Get rid of the time-consuming burden of managing server, storage, OS, backup software, and other multiple components. NetBackup Appliance provides a single user interface that allows you to easily manage your everyday tasks.

Intelligent Policies

- NetBackup will automatically locate and protect the new virtual system and database instance while adapting more effectively to changes in the environment.

Replication Director

- Adjusts the hardware snapshot and replication tasks while enduring snapshot consistency and ease of restoration between applications.

AIR(Automatic Image Replication)

- Sends data to the disaster recovery site to merge data from multiple sources and synchronize catalog information while automating processes to increase the recovery rate.