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1. Monitoring Solution

It is the Enterprise cache solution Oracle Coherence’s monitoring solution.

2. Simple and Easy

The solution makes the hard and complex concept of Coherence monitoring intuitive and simple to monitor.

3. Target Operator

Considering the domestic IT environments, solution expertise is for the lack of room operators

4. Product Edition

Coherence Data-Gird includes the Cohmon-G Edition and the Coherence*Web includes the CohMon-S Edition.
Expected Benefits

1. Real-time anomaly detection

It was difficult to detect anomalies quickly while operating, the performance parameters can graphically visualize and detect abnormalities quickly and easily in an orderly table

2. System-wide change analysis

Session data related to past performance data is statistically processed and stored. The system’s service size quantitative analysis and service size’s temporal changes is easy to understand.

3.Operating Convenience

Various operating parameters of performance and total/average/maximum statistical functions, such as processing, increase process, the number and validity simplified process increase the readability and usability.

Oracle Coherence Introduction

Oracle Coherence is an enterprise In-Memory cache solution that achieves a cluster that virtualizes many servers into one memory area service.

Oracle Coherence* Web Introduction

Oracle Coherence’s Http Session Management is a dedicated module for the web session state management of middleware modules. It uses the Coherence cluster feature to provide availability and scalability.  
Main Function

1. Dashboard

It shows the Coherence Data-Grid’s overall state in dashboard form.

2. Real-time chart

shows the cache Put/Get, service processing status, number of web sessions, cache server memory usage, and also shows the real-time visualization of changes in ecological performance parameters in a graph.

3. Past statistics chart

Web session information’s daily, weekly, monthly past statistical data is made visually easy to understand as well as its system size and flow quantification.

4. Topic specific table

cluster node information, cache list, service processing status, session arrangement status, cache server status and detailed information by theme is organized into the table

5. Readability convenience improvement

Using Number Abbreviation, readability is improved, and shows the side information of the data value through the tool tip.

5. Other

It is built with the optimized internal architecture that minimum resources are used.
It periodically checks the cluster server connection status and displays it.
The server connection is redundant so when switching it is possible to reconnect to the server.