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the deployment, there is an error found, the existing program can be recovered safely. GTPLUS Deploy Center™ is a specialized solution that deploys web applications. If a web application deploy request is received, the program is sent to the selected server and WebLogic is rebooted. The web application deploy automation solution allows for the program to run by automating the process. Before the web application is deployed, there is a backup of the existing program made and then the new application is deployed. If during or after

Expected Benefits

1. Convenience

- Automation and scheduling of deploy task.
- A visual grasp of deployment state and result

2. Security

- System account is not exposed when using script.
- Encryption support is provided when sending application files.
- A clear scope of responsibility when it comes to confirming work result.

3. Productivity

- Prevention of any error that could occur during the manual process.
- Reduced deployment time and deploying business process standardization
- If a problem occurs, the production server, the work progress step, and the source behind the problem is found quickly.
- Reduced impact of operation personnel changes
Main Function

- Various deployment system support (sequential, simultaneous, group deployment support)
- Deployment status confirmation and visualization of the process step
- The transfer and deployment of only the changed deployment files. (Saves deployment time)
- If an error occurs, you can go back to the operation state before deployment
- Deployment work result report
- If a problem occurs during deployment, after the problem solved, you can start from the stopped - deployment point and continue.
- Scheduling is offered for the deployment work.

Deployment list

You can check deployment reservation and recent performance status.
Deployment work control (start, stop, continue, backwards, give up deploy).

Process Status

A visual grasp of deployment performance condition and the target WAS progress step
A grasp of progress step message and time alarm