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Solution to provide a compliance analysis, and visualization of the configuration management information system
  GTPlus EnvCenter detects all the configuration/environment/operational changes that surrounds the WEB/WAS/DB/System and prevents problems from occurring. If there is a problem that occurs, the cause behind it is promptly found and taken care of. Also, it capitalizes things such as configuration, system environment, operating conditions, etc. information and automates environment change management. It is a solution that provides a compliance analysis and visualization of the configuration management information system.

Expected Benefits

1. Stable system management

- Failure prevention through real-time system change detection
- Warning of major changes
- 24hours, weekly, monthly management of change in history

System configuration visualization

- Specifically provides readability of your system configuration/setting information
- Visibility of environment variable, system parameter’s level is provided
- Provides customized management targeting

Service level monitoring

- Integrated monitoring on the domain based total tier.
- Domain specific/server specific Instance startup/status information provided.
- Provides past operating data comparison feature.
Main Function

1. Automatic change detection

Configuration files, environment files, variables, parameters, directory/files, performance information change/changing auto-detect hange tracking feature History change, configuration file version control and cross-domain compare function

2. Easy operation and management

Easy to understand system configuration and can collect operational information with minimal input information. WEB/WAS/DB component automatically collected The main administrative console parameter and instance control feature

Service level monitoring

Provides an intuitive view of the entire managed system changes Change/variation linkage analysis view available All changes within the system real-time provided

4. Real time Topology Map provided

Real time system diagram provided Each tier-specific changes and state/performance information available.