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Product Overview

Wise Decision Making due to Insight in Information

Information has exploded by more than 40% annually. According to IDC, it predicts that by 2020 40PB will be achieved and Gartner has 69% of corporate data which is unnecessary and pays M annually for 1PB maintenance.
Unmanaged data increase the financial, legal/compliance, security, productivity, reputational risk and threaten the enterprise. Veritas provides an automated and intelligent management plan for the customer’s unstructured data and provides an environment for information that is of value to the enterprise.

Benefits and Features

  • Efficient data management plan
  • Corporate Information Security and Archiving
  • Data analysis, policy and management automation
  • Visibility
    - Check the status and rights of data being used to provide an efficient enterprise data management plan.

    - Establish strategic objectives and data management plan.

    - Managing of data growth and risks.


VERITAS - Using the VERITAS solution, you can identify the type of data that is stored in the enterprise, delete unnecessary data, archive data that needs to be stored for a long time, and respond to the rapidly growing data due to decreasing IT budgets. Also, important evidence is needed because of litigation between internal audit and corporation, you can accurately respond quickly.

Audit/Legal Team

Archive for corporate compliance

- Need storage for all sent/received mail
- Requires regular audit system to prevent unnecessary data from being stored.

Establish an e-system discovery due to the FTA

- Open legal market (U.S, China, Japan)
- The need to use a litigation case as evidence
- EDRM compliance process

Computational Team

Mail System Upgrading

- Mail system Performance enhancements
- Backup/recovery time greatly reduced
- Quick migration support

Storage space is saved

- Store large amounts of data with powerful deduplication support

Employee/ security team

Provides user unlimited mailbox space

- Resolve complaints regarding mailbox size limit (UX)
- Deleting email or extracting to PC (not necessary)
- Significantly reducing email data recovery issues
- Improve productive when re-created documents

Prevention of company confidential data leakage

- Increase the possibility of leaking the data stored on the PC to outside (PST, EML)
- Home, file server, cloud, external agencies..

Improved Data Management

Identify old and loss of ownership information data and optimize your drive.

Build a consumption-based billing model.

Able to understand the data usage pattern and utilization.

Compliance Management

You can assign a manager to a Container / folder basis.

It offers readability to adjust the permissions.

It provides information to establish the correct security policy for non- structured data.

Data Protection

It provides an audit trail according to data access history and importance.

It provides correction information regarding wrong sharing.