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  • DB Performance Monitoring(DBPM)

  • “Sherpa” as a performance optimization total solution is designed to enable real-time performance monitoring of commercial DB including Oracle and cycle management of precision diagnostics, analysis, and SQL tuning. It efficiently manages the availability and performance of database systems.

  • Why is the DB Performance Monitoring (DBPM) needed?

  • In the IT Infra configuration, Business logic (WAS) and the database (DBMS), Integrated control (SMS) division, monitoring managed entities are different due to each of the functional differences. By using the DB performance monitoring solution, the immediate cause can be identified when pre-failure detection and failure occur quickly. Due to that, the DB administrator saves effort and the customer satisfaction can be increased.

Sherpa Main Function

  • Real-time Monitoring

  • Various DBMS integrated dashboard.

  • Real-time overload sessions , SQL Monitoring

  • Provides user-specific dashboards

  • Dashboard only for RAC

  • Day / Night , day specific threshold settings

  • Lock Monitor and session kill

  • Post-Analysis

  • Post reproduce Active Session seconds

  • DB impact Top N List Analysis

  • Analysis of impact on Application by various category links

  • Plan record analysis of decline in SQL performance

  • Long-term performance trend analysis

  • Sherpa-Jennifer Link

  • Link in one try from Jennifer X-View to Sherpa Oracle’s SQL detailed information.

  • Link detailed information(URL + Client IP) of WAS that called SQL

  • Sherpa-Jennifer integrated dashboard provided.

Sherpa major product

Sherpa Oracle Sherpa SQL Serv Sherpa Altibase
Sherpa Postgres Sherpa Maria Sherpa MySQL
Sherpa Tibero Sherpa Informix