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Product Detail

The Industry’s best availability Solution

InfoScale Enterprise is an easy and trustworthy storage and cluster management solution that safely manages the physical and virtualized environment and protects the information and application with certainty. InfoScale Enterprise manages various application and infrastructure by intelligently monitoring which minimizes any potential risk factors that inhibit the availability to maintain high availability.

Benefits and features

  • IT Service continuity
  • software definition storage
  • effective management
  • effective DR management

InfoScale Enterprise supports the management of important IT environment without stop. Key Features include:

Fast important database and application recovery

- Take advantage of the convenient cluster and storage management capabilities to support high availiability for Oracle RAC and SybaseASE CE environment.

Recovery without restrictions in distance

- Through software or hardware-based replication recovery, recovery of local clustering, short-range clustering (campus cluster), remote clustering (global cluster) is provided. By using Fire Drill it minimizes the impact on the production environment and can test see if the recovery is ready.

Fast and intelligent recovery

- Through intelligent monitoring and optimal failover target selection it detect the error immediately and recovers.

Avaiability of the overall virtual and physical environment

- For example, VMware (without affecting VMware® vMotion ™ and DRS) has a virtual system provides a failover does not require a restart Microsoft Hyper-V provides failover for many metropolitan sites.

Infoscale Enterprise as a storage solution that has long-term recognition addresses the needs of software defined storage requirements. Key features include:

Dissimilar support

- A variety of operating systems, databases, storage systems are comprehensively supported

FSS(Flexible Storage Sharing)

- By using Cluster File System the internal disk is shared between the cluster nodes which allows the remote disk’s performance to be comparable to the local disk’s.


- Through the use of application level’s customized caching, storage QoS (Quality of Service) is supported.

Layering and provisioning

- It layers the data according to policy and operates without interruption when migrating to thin provisioning volume to automatically free space up again.

Storage efficiency

- deduplication and compression features are provided by default.

Advance path management

- Through DMP(Dynamic Multi-Pathing) performance is maximized and path error is prevented and failover is quickly performed.

InfoScale Enterprise is a freely provided extra service and web based graphic management framework Veritas. It is tightly integrated with InfoScale ™ Operations Manager providing more powerful features. In addition, as well as supporting to manage and visualize application, server, and storage environment from central, it supports core features such as virtual business services, multiple cluster deployment, management, reporting (including the cluster configuration and status information of monitoring applications), multiple hosts’ multipath management.

Veritas Risk Advisor

Vertas Risk Advisor(VRA)는 주 센터와 DR 센터간의 차이점을 분석하고 보고하여 DR 센터의 완벽한 서비스 운영을 지원하는 솔루션 입니다.

The current data center is comprised of a variety of equipment that has a rapid pace of change which because is managed by many teams, no matter how successful the management environment is, configuration changes can occur. As a result, the gap between the goal condition and actual built condition will be discovered too late. This sort of configuration gaps can be classified into five categories according to their causes.

Cluster related

Application related

Operation system and hardware related

Network related

Storage and SAN related

You may experience unexpected downtime or data loss due to a single configuration error not detected correctly.

Veritas Risk Advisor

Your IT service is spread throughout the world. That operating environment is implemented as multi-vendor operating system, physical server, virtualization, clustering solutions which runs while each layer is intricately linked to each other.
Resiliency Platform is an integrated solution that ensures business continuity which provides complete visibility and proactive recovery and reduces complexity across the customer’s global IT environment. There are also components that run in Cloud.